Wrong information about guns


There are a lot of folks that are getting he wrong information about buying a gun, either to support an agenda or defeat someone else’ agenda. I have heard many talk about the need for national background checks. A national background check is required in Michigan. If you are going to guy a pistol, you must be from the state that the purchase is made. However, you can purchase a long gun.

A semi-automatic rifle is not the Al Capone, or Bonnie and Clyde-type machine gun. Back up a little. A regular shotgun is loaded, usually one or two shells. Then you have to re-load. A semi-automatic has what they call a “magazine.” The magazine has multiple bullets. This allows the shooter to continue shooting until the magazine is empty with no re-loading. These are usually adapted to hold lots of bullets and are commonly referred to as assault weapons.

This may be elementary to a lot of you. I asked seven people today and only two knew what I was talking about.

A gun has never taken the initiative to get up off of the table, load itself and shoot someone. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

Tom Grant