Who cares, if…


Who cares, if…

…Adam Sandler or Porky Pig has 2,234 friends on Facebook? Who cares if Princes Harry and William’s kids threw up on soda crackers? If the Enquirer got raunchier this week? If your church’s communion is done differently? If Amy Schumer or Brangelina support Democrat #13 for 2020 or not? If U of M might lose to OSU? (Yikes!) If your kid struck out four times last game? If the Tigers stay in the cellar? If movie star Twinkle Alot changed her/his sexual identity again? If your 14-year old wears sox with those flip-flops? If you pull away from the stop sign screeching and leaving rubber? If your fish gets bigger with each retelling? If your top does not match your pants? If you forgot Christmas cards last year? If your parents love to watch reruns of Mash or Gunsmoke and eat up the weather channel? If your power boat costs 5 grand less than your neighbor’s? If five snowmobiles are not enough? If your nail breaks? If Teddy has more FB, email, twitter, snapchat, no-chat, random-chat or loud-chat accounts than you? If CBS in Marquette still has not confirmed a deal with Direct-TV? If your lawnmower cuts, mulches, plants, serves breakfast and costs an arm and a leg? If gas is 3 cents cheaper down the street? If all major network talk shows bash more GOP/conservatives? If she wore white after Labor Day? If you freak out because your friends vote differently than you? If you were five-minutes late for that appointment? If the Packers lose four games? If your #1 priority today was to watch Access Hollywood? If TV news out of Marquette leads of their news with stories on deer in town, edible fungi or pothole repairs in Munising that are four grand over budget? If your kid continually wails in church? (Opps, I do.) If you tip was only 14 percent? If you still have not forgiven your cousin for that 2012 insult? If Mrs. Trump’s shoes were the wrong color to meet the Pope? If you think you have to keep up with the Joneses? If you are not one of the “beautiful people”? If some dude from Ford River did not get a letter published this month?

I do care, however….if drug peddlers get short sentences. And, I do care if your idea of fun includes online shaming, back talk to elders or assassinating someone’s character? If you do not care that your teen did not come home last week? If you continually love to gossip, create drama or go out of your way to criticize, make fun of or treat others with disrespect.

Let’s forgive and move on, letting sleeping dogs lie. Let’s not major in minors or neglect the real stuff. God forgives and then chooses to forget — let’s copy that.

And, oh yeah, summer should get a speeding ticket!

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba