Township board doing good work


In response to the letter to the editor by Mark J. Holbrook captioned Unorderly Township Board.

There are inconsistencies regarding Mr. Holbrook’s interpretation and statements on how the meeting he attended of the Maple Ridge Township Board was conducted.

If Mr. Holbrook would have taken the time to do research on Robert’s Rules of Order, he would know that there are at least three ways to adjourn a meeting. There are those which do not require a motion and a second to adjourn. In consultation with the Michigan Township Association’s legal department, I was informed that “No law requires a formal vote to adjourn and Robert’s Rules are not law.”

There seems to be a group who want to inflate the facts and disparage our supervisor and board. Mr. Holbrook fails to put into prospective and his statements that at this particular meeting due to continued public outbursts, attacks to our facilitator, and board at the completion of our official business for the evening the supervisor; to protect the safety of those in attendance, felt a need to adjourn the meeting.

Therefore, I would like to end my rebuttable accentuating the positive aspects of what the Maple Ridge Township Board has accomplished in the past six years. We have a supervisor who since 2003 has brought in over a half million dollars ($501,392.00) by way of grant monies for the benefit of our community and fire department. That money has allowed us to provide a park that holds our “Music in the Park” program-which had over 170 attendees this past week, a newly renovated ball park for the kids and citizens to enjoy, a new roof and remodeled kitchen at the community building for our citizens and seniors, a brand new fire truck, and more. Our work is not yet done — there is more on the horizon that we intend to provide for our community.

I would like to encourage Mr. Holbrook to get involved in the community and he would then see there’s a lot of positive aspects to our community versus the experience he had at the meeting he attended.

So, in closing let’s remember to “treat others the way we would like and expect to be treated” and be grateful that we are blessed to live in such a great community full of phenomenal people.

Susan Sicotte

Maple Ridge Township Clerk