The term ‘racism’


Isn’t it frustrating to hear all these calls of “racism” being thrown around carelessly?

It is not racism to hold a fellow human being responsible for their choices. It is a form of respect that implies the other is capable of sound choices, but blew it in this case.

To think that being held accountable by one who is not the same race is a form of racism is itself a form of racism. The test is, “Is the criticism valid?” To withhold valid criticism is to imply the other is too weak or lacking in some way to be able to use feedback to improve. That is a form of disrespect and if it is based on race, it is racism.

It is our responsibility to hold one another accountable. Let us not allow others to get away with careless use of inflammatory name calling. Let us be honest and responsible if the one in error is ourself.

Lynn Hansen