I do understand why…


….thanks to the “blue” we are safe. Why kids love summer camp at Presbytery Point, Camp Michigamme, Fortune Lake, Lake Ellen and Covenant Point. Why Delta County and the cities of Escanaba and Gladstone have such fine parks. Why MTU turns out such superb graduates. Why Rapid River, Bark River, Happy Rock and Esky annually have such high quality softball and baseball programs. Why Hobby Lobby and Stone House are closed Sundays. Why Friday night fish fries still rule. Why a new restaurant is opening in the mall. Why this area is so continually blessed in the fine arts. Why the reputation of the Family Inn, Breezy Point, Viau’s, the Ford River Pub, The Store, Sav-Mor and Jack’s is so good. Why the city of Iron Mountain can be seen from Harbor Towers, or vice versa. Why some kids still put down their phones and games and play baseball, swim, bike, boat, etc. Why the Salvation Army, St. Vinnie’s and GoodWill do so much — ‘good will’. Why Pregnancy Services offers such free, good counsel. Why so many local businesses support so many good community causes….Elmer’s shines here. Why we finally got that needed jail. Why the U.P. State Fair is so successful. Why the Back 40 mine is so controversial. Why so many staff and volunteers at nursing and care homes do so much good. Why Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, 60 Minutes and many PBS specials continue on air. Why local clergy love their flocks. Why we love the freedom of worship. Why Billy Joel urges all performers to entertain like he does, without PC social agendas. Why people flock to the U.P. for all we offer…spend your tourist dollars here. Why Bay College wins so many annual awards. Why U.P. towns and townships have such a hard time determining how we deal with recreational pot regulations. Why Yoopers love to fish, hunt, go antiquing, swim, snowmobile, off road race, camp, etc. Why Scouting is still a hot commodity. Why Wheelin’ Sportsmen are so well thought of. Why I like waitresses and clerks who call me (and others) “sweetie, dear and honey”. Why our Steam and Gas Engine, Antique Village is so popular.

There are, however, two things I do not understand, still: Why too many drivers go 5-10-15 mph under the limit — too many dang trailers. And, why people, often young males, wear sandals and flip-flops with sox….fashion faux pas.

I do understand why after creating the world in six days, then taking a rest though it was not needed, but to show us ‘rest’s value, God on the eighth day created five special things: 1. Flip-flops. 2. Cruise control. 3. Diet pop. 4. Disposable diapers. And, #5, the U.P.

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba