Hotel plan a good fit for Escanaba


It was with great excitement and enthusiasm that I read your article entitled, “Esky City, County Meet to Discuss Hotel Plan.” If implemented, the development plan as submitted will be consistent with the objectives and goals of the 2016 Community Master Plan and will begin to address the key issue of lakefront redevelopment. It will also be a huge step towards achieving the goal of making Escanaba an attractive community with a vibrant and bustling downtown that has a strong connection to the waterfront.

Additionally, it appears that the development plan directly addresses the first goal of the 2016 Master Plan to build on the unique assets of the community to grow and diversify the local economy. It also covers objective 1.1 of the Master Plan, in that the project appears to seek, encourage and foster a balance of uses and activities on the waterfront that are compatible with a working port and the broader goals of the community.

I often heard complaints about the city doing studies and how the plans are never used. Well, I can tell you that it is my opinion that a plan such as the one being proposed is not only consistent with the North Shore Redevelopment Plan and the 2016 Community Master Plan, it is also consistent with the City Ready Redevelopment Plan as created and adopted by the City of Escanaba and approved by the Michigan Economic Development Authority.

In closing, if what I read is accurate, the proposed development plan is a much needed development in moving the city forward. To quote Leo Krier, the author of “The Architecture of Community”, “A city is not an accident, but the result of coherent vision and aims.” I genuinely hope that the people of Escanaba and the city elected and appointed officials aim high and get behind this project.

Respectfully submitted,

James V.O’Toole

Escanaba City Manager, Retired