Build solar facility somewhere else


Many thanks to Renne Richer for the letter about the industrial solar project in Escanaba Township. The “utility-scale commercial facility” (as stated in the ordinance) was popped on the general population of Flat Rock/Cornell after the plans were well on the way to build the Solar Facility.

Although the plan was mentioned in township minutes over the past months with a sentence here or there, the term “utility-scale commercial facility” was not included. The corporate planners should have gotten the final zoning approvals prior to going ahead with the plan. Now the plan appears to be in place and the general population is presented with the totality and huge scale of it.

So I too call on our representatives from the township to the state level to help the community develop and alternative proposal to build this industrial solar facility somewhere else in the county where it does not zigzag behind residents’ backyards and where it does not create a community uproar.

S.K Godin