Aim to use more common sense


Common sense…

…defined as “sound judgment concerning everyday matters resulting in sensible, practical actions” Is it common sense to have a trillion dollar budget deficit? To use too much alcohol or drugs? To limit free speech? To observe much of Western Europe losing its identity due to non-assimilating immigrants? To trust Iran, North Korea, China or Russia? To really even attempt an Israeli/Palestinian peace accord? To abuse credit cards, children or immigrants? To not comprehend the invasion on our southern border? (Too many liberals want votes and too many conservatives want cheap labor — is our current immigration policy not only not working, but just dangerous and lacking all common sense?)

Is it common sense to ignore severe weather warnings? To save hooting owls and dolphins but not babies? To trust most politicians or the media? To control others? (Control beyond self is an illusion.) To think we can change? (Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Are we insane?) To judge a book by its cover? To smoke whatever in front of our kids? To accept that socialism will not work as there is no free lunch? To allow children to watch whatever they want online? To have your 4-year old choose his gender? To crush your kid’s dreams? To worship money, hotrods, rap music, self, etc? To ignore solid medical advice? To not use seatbelts?

To deny reality? To not use parental discipline? To be a parent and not a friend? To believe that you saw Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa or JFK? To admire celebrities who love to peddle smut, profanity and even political opinions? To pay outrageous money for pro and some college sports tickets?

Is it common sense to expect perfection? To appreciate the “good” in America? To accept a bribe? To give a criminal a second chance? To drive drunk, stoned or without a license? To hate so and so? To comprehend the good we have received from a study of Western Civilization and not debunk everything white, Christian, male or straight? To make sure that there are no males in women’s facilities? (That used to be a given.)

To be an atheist? (If the atheists are right, I guess we might meet them in the primordial ooze, and if they are wrong, I will miss them in Heaven.)

It is not common sense to state that America needs to be great again, still, now? Have we fallen short here in what we used to take for granted? (We are indeed divided, confused and set back. Down for the count?) To live in the past? (I try not to but the music was so much better then.)

Yes, we do need common sense, for today there is a lack of “common” and clearly too much nonsense. Let’s aim to use more common sense.

And, yes, ignoring common sense is not common sense.

Mike “Chief” Olson

Ford River/Escanaba