I don’t understand


I don’t understand…

Why adopting a child is so expensive. Why there is no law requiring drivers to use blinkers. Why NBC, Disney, Netflix, the NCAA, find it necessary to boycott Georgia over abortion laws. Why there is no stoplight at 30th Street and 3rd Avenue North. (I hear rumors about a roundabout.) Why 96 percent of all entertainment, not news, talk shows are so anti-Trump. (I know.) Why drivers wait for long periods of time at Taco Bell and McDonalds when you can get food faster–inside. Why so many downplay the expected results in Michigan of recreational pot. Why Martin Luther King’s dream of non-violent protest is so ignored by too many activists. Why two militant Muslim Americans overseas are granted sanctuary back here. Why a single ice cream cone in some U.P. locations is $4. Why any service station would charge for ice, water or air. Why too many hospitals feel they have to advertise. Why people say, “warsh, Illinoiz, impordant, of-t-en or yuge”. Why airlines do not provide needed pacifiers.

Why so many people abuse social media, big-time. Why certain websites omit conservative views. Why many seem to have forgotten 9/11. Why Michigan car insurance rates are so outrageous — oops, finally some progress. Why folks buy things at St. Vinnies and Goodwill and sell them for big profits. Why Hollywood protests gun rights and churns out violent movies. Why some parents refuse to discipline their children. (Do I hear an ‘amen’?) Why any one would take political advice from SNL actors, Bill Maher or other celebs. Why popcorn, pop, candy, etc. is so expensive at the movies. Why more people do not shop local. (I err here.) Why good food is so expensive — fruits, lean meat, etc. Why fish is so expensive on the Great Lakes, right here. Why for some weeks now, gas prices in Menominee and Marquette are 25-30 cents cheaper. Why we do not have an Applebees, Chilis or Perkins by now. Why mosquitoes were created. Why Adam Campbell’s death is still unsolved…guilty conscience anyone? Why political correctness has run amok. Why we lose good businesses — ShopKo, Staples, Penneys, Super One. Why state mental health facilities and professional staff are so poorly funded. Why people illegally fish. Why despite some injustices, people do not stand for the flag. Why Virginia, Vermont and New York legally allow abortion of children at birth. Why immigrants do not want to assimilate. Why one DUI is not enough to stop drunk driving. Why fathers could abandon their children. Why people claim to see Bigfoot in the Porkies. Why too many people do not understand the degree and extent of this area’s drug crisis. Why some folks complain and gripe but do not help remedy and find workable solutions.

I know that most Yoopers do not fit the above descriptions. Let’s be thankful. And, if the “shoe fits, wear it.”

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba


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