Cut ties with Mr. Heller


A few years ago, Flint had some water problems. If you didn’t hear about it, go back to texting, Instagram, You Tube, or Facebook.

So somebody in Flint decided it would be a good idea to save the city of Flint some money and switch where the city’s water came from. Big mistake. Has anybody ever said it as done by the administration to get illegal kick-backs, or to line someone’s pockets? Was the switch made with the intent to poison and harm the residents of Flint?

According to the Escanaba Daily Press, it was done by former Governor Snyder with intent to harm and defraud the residents of Flint. Some of you are scratching your heads. The Escanaba Daily Press continues to print Andy Heller’s column. They are agreeing with Mr. Heller whether they know it or not. Governor Snyder is “totally responsible” for the Flint water crisis. I guess, according to Andy Heller, Gov. Snyder was sitting in his office in Lansing and he got in his limo and drove to Flint (56 miles), put on his gloves and proceeded to turn the valves to switch the water.

The bad part about it, now Escanaba residents are going to be paying 45 percent more for their water even though there is no problem with our water. Thank you former Governor Snyder.

I’m kind of shocked that Andy Heller didn’t find some way to blame President Trump. I think the Escanaba Daily Press needs to cut ties with Mr. Heller. I know, there is a history with the Heller family and Escanaba, but it’s time to find a different column.

Tom Grant