Escanaba water woes


We have a legislature that passes laws. I don’t remember seeing any new laws passed regarding the water lines. A group that was appointed has instituted new rules and regulations. Not elected representatives. Because of this everyone”s bill goes up 45 percent. Isn’t this taxation without representation? Unfortunately, we can’t just throw tea in the bay and protest. A bay that has had hundreds of thousands of gallons of sewage dumped into it between Escanaba and Gladstone.

At least maybe Escanaba will find out where “the leak” is before some house or school gets swallowed by a sinkhole. How many millions of gallons have been leaked in the past three or four years?

What would the Department of Environmental Quality do if Escanaba didn’t change all the pipes? That would take a city council that cares about the folks in the city. Change them, as needed, not because some group said it should be done.

Because of one person’s attempt to save Flint some money, we all get shafted!

Tom Grant



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