Escanaba City Council is unresponsive


The recent headlines in our Daily Press provide a framework for this letter. May 17 “Esky council OKs utility rate hikes.” OKs? This hike was presented to us earlier as a mandate, a fact, “despite members of the public expressing their displeasure,” despite calls, letters to the editor etc. Why would anyone speak during the fifth hearing? What’s the point! Voters didn’t have a vote/taxation without representation. Then to find out “electric bills (also) set to increase as of June 1. Newsflash — Rep. Bergman recently stated in a Channel 13 interview that over $27 billion are available for water problems/restructuring. Why isn’t the council availing us/themselves of this specific source for our specific problem? Another headline: Gladstone “phases this problem (May 20) Gladstone created new service line guidelines and “has been replacing for years and isn’t considering a water rate increase for now.”

Then, on May 24, an additional shocker: “Escanaba approves tax ordinances,” City council strikes again; putting citizens — especially the in a fix/fixed income citizens, into a lower standard of living. Don’t reset the mill rate without our approval/vote. This should be preceded by thorough department reviews. “Anticipated needs doesn’t mean more picking our pockets. Why a city council if it doesn’t listen? What’s the point? Where’s the democracy?

Fran Balcerak



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