Does the sheriff’s department really need more money?


I recently received a card in the mail from the Citizens for a Safe Delta County Committee. It is asking us to vote on two millage proposals. Both are renewals, one for Delta County Sheriff road patrol is also asking for an increase. It also uses the all to familiar tactics showing how much the increase will cost the average home owner.

In the past two years this is the fourth request for additional millage that we have voted on. The millage for the new jail is going to be with us for many years. Does the sheriff’s department really need more money? Millage income automatically includes additional income as taxable values increase. Will additional millage really keep us safer?

Should the sheriff department be expected to function within its current budget as we have to? Have we become an easy target? Why is the county paying for a special election? Can funding from the sale of the old jail be used instead of a tax increase?

Landowners, please take the time to look at your current tax bill. Mine includes 15 different causes. How many more lines are we going to add to the list? How many more are we willing to pay? Please take the time to vote on May 7th.

Jerome Wilson

Rapid River


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