A moral issue


Abortion or Not?

Democrat or Republican, it should not be a political view. It’s a humanitarian and moral issue, with a life at stake. Does someone have a right to snuff out a human life? If you do not think it’s a life when the cells are being formed, when then? If you do not think it’s a life when there is a head, arms and legs, when then? If you do not think it’s life when it’s kicking to get out, before you do the unthinkable, when then? When the baby is born and you can see and feel it, do you not say it is life. Because you cannot see or touch the life doesn’t mean there is no life.

Because you are a woman you shouldn’t have the right to terminate a life just because you want too. Abortion is not birth control. Moreover, you should have a obligation to care for that life as best you can. The fact is, whether you want to believe it or not, it is life of a human being at any stage. And that life, if taken, can never “live” like you and I… realistically there would be no reason to abort if there was no life.

As far as I know federal law and a majority of states law, recognizes the fetus as the life of a human being. And in the case of murder or manslaughter of a pregnant woman, it is considered two counts because of the loss of the fetus, so it should be unlawful for the pregnant woman to have the right to take the life of the unborn.

Ask yourself — Can you live with your decision to end a life you had a part in creating? If so, it’s sad that the same human being ready to start their life, perhaps like you didi, didn’t get their chance. Do one more thing, Ask God to treat your life as you treat the life of you unborn. Now do you still want to abort?

Thomas Pietsch



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