The age of anything goes


During the height of the Roman Empire, opulence and power were the only games in town. The Church was limited, and violence, abortion and self-will ran riot. Like other great empires, it also fell from within.

Will we cave from within? No free society on earth has existed as long as ours. What began a few hundred years ago here is unparalleled in human history, a republic, a democracy, modeled after England and which began with a Judeo-Christian base and phenomenal achievements not seen in the building of other empires, ours having a good balance of powers, a capitalistic economy. The Constitution and our Declaration were grounded in Christianity, contrary to what modern liberals tell you. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, etc. were human, of course, but giants. Statesmen outnumbered politicians. The success of our country until the past 50 or so years was unmatched; we were envied.

What has happened? Today in our country it is fashionable to neglect or dismantle God or Christianity at every turn. God is now “dead.” Jesus was a good moral teacher, but we aren’t so sure of his moral teachings. God’s commandments are too restrictive. They limit our freedoms, our desires and our greed. We have become a nation of excess, identity politics and entitlement. GIve me what I want at the expense of everyone else. Black Lives Matter — only. Reparations for these, these and not these. Some Muslims want Sharia Law established; if that occurs, watch out gays. Over 50 percent of college students find nothing wrong with a socialistic government. That comes from the 92 percent of college faculty and administrators who install that liberal thinking. Vets, take note of that, please. Now truth is relative and the only truth is the statement that “truth is relative.” Abortion is now demanded even at birth — what? Students protest and riot when most conservative speakers go to campuses. Male and female no longer work – -choose from 57 options. There are groups fighting to legalize brothels, bestiality, pedophilia and incest — what? Dead people vote, politicians lie, banks fail, school are unsafe, cheating and lying prevail. Our border is porous. Want to get in Yale — find cash. Some believe we should disarm because surely the Russians will follow suit. Hollywood decries gun violence and yet churns out nasty movies. TV continues to be loaded annually with more and more profanity, violence and sex. Porn is all over. The once-revered “free love” of Hugh Hefner is literally killing by means of STDs, the me-too movement or huge divorce battles. The Democrat Party plays way to the socialist, give me all stuff free movement and the GOP argues over who’s in control. We are told that all religions are alike, you know, love and peace- — and yet they all differ on salvation, creation, the Son of God, heaven, hell, etc.

Yes, let’s MAGA. Trump is not the best leader of MAGA perhaps, but current liberal ideology is sinking us.

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba


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