Support road patrol and dispatch millages


I am writing you today in gratitude for the tremendous support that has been given to the criminal justice community by the residents of Delta County. As evidenced by the Back Our Blue movement, the daily positive comments on social media, and support for our newly constructed jail we truly are a community that values public safety and those who work to provide it daily.

I would ask that you continue to support our county’s criminal justice efforts by voting “Yes” on May 7th in support of both the Sheriff’s Road Patrol millage and the 911 dispatch millage. These are two essential elements to our local criminal justice system and without them our ability to keep our communities safe would greatly diminish.

In addition, the blue-collar professionals that fill these positions are fellow community members, friends and neighbors who have chosen to dedicate their professional lives to the safety of our families. Our dispatchers and patrol deputies live in our neighborhoods, worship in our churches, shop in our businesses, and like all residents hope and work daily toward a bright future for their families.

A “Yes” vote on May 7th is a renewed pledge to our shared belief that well policed communities are safe communities in which all our families can thrive. A “Yes” vote is the support necessary for emergency services to render aid to our residents when they need it most.

A “Yes” vote helps keep dangerous drugs out of the hands of our children. Thank you once again for supporting our criminal justice and emergency service professionals and please continue to support our safe community by voting “Yes” on May 7th.

Sheriff Ed Oswald



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