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Since March 18 when Mr. Mueller issued his report and new attorney general, William Barr promptly stuffed it in the darkness of his desk drawer, Democrats have been acting like Joe Frazier in the ring facing Muhamad Ali — circling backwards, taking hits, and beginning to bleed and fade.

Yesterday, Mr. Barr put smelling salts under Congressional Democrats’ noses and yanked them back to life.

Collusion? Conspiracy? — Forget them. Over the last few weeks, the Attorney General jumped into the political fracas.

In doing so, he handed Congress a rock-solid reason to subpoena the entire, un-redacted Mueller Report.

Key members of Congress, such as those on the Intelligence Committee have security clearances, so there is no reason why they cannot or should not be privy to all of Mueller’s findings and supporting documentation.

Congress saw all the evidence during the Watergate hearings, so there is precedent for releasing the entire report to Congress, now.

You see, the Mueller report is the map that leads to something important called, “The Truth.” Once they have it, Congress can follow it wherever and to whomever it leads.

There won’t be any more tentative circling by Congressional Democrats. Starting with Representative Nadler’s gut punch this morning, the real fight has now begun.

It will likely be a bruising one because it’s for all the marbles — -truth, justice and liberty. It’s a fight for free and reliable elections that haven’t been tampered with by foreign powers. It’s a campaign to renew Constitutional checks on presidential power, and to regain proper balance between the branches of government. And it’s a crusade to ensure that the person who inhabits the Oval Office is worthy of our trust.

The Attorney General’s job is not to protect the President. It is his Constitutional duty to see that the law is followed and justice is done. If he fails in his duties, Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution says he “shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Congress should immediately commence hearings toward the impeachment of Attorney General Barr, whom, by the evidence of his own words and actions has obstructed justice.

Dan Young



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