Keep flying your kites


This coming April 5 is the Qing-ming Festival Day in China, a day known as the Tomb Sweeping Day, which will be celebrated also in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The grownups will be gathered in the cemetery, to gather spring flowers and to plant young shoots, to say prayers for the deceased and to remember the bygone days. The children will be running around in a nearby field to play games and mostly,to fly kites.

Keeping a watchful eye on the children, the older generation will say, “May you soar freely in your life, go as high as your kites! May you never let your kites run into treetops or chimney-tops, nor allow those things happen to your own lives!”

And a fearless worry-free child will reply, “My kite is controlled by my own hands, and so is my life! I know exactly what to do, to avoid being hurt or tangled in a mess. I appreciate your concern, my beloved old ones. But your advice is truly unneeded, so please believe me and leave me alone.”

At age 81, I’ve flown many kites. My kites had been torn to pieces numerous times. As a result, I’ve learned this: Let’s go fly more kites. Be watchful for the destructive objects, but never let yourself be encourage by the wounds. Just keep flying, and you will reach your desired height.

Ching Bezine

Bark River