Fireworks belong on July 4th


Last year it was a lack of American flags being displayed for Memorial Day because whomever was responsible did not check on the condition of the flags in time for replacements to be purchased.

This year, the city moved the date of fireworks from July 4th to July 6th because the one company supplying the fireworks was unable to do so and all other providers were otherwise engaged. According to The Daily Press article, the city had been using one company who bid on providing the fireworks for some time. That is not a bid. Whenever the band I was working with was done providing music for whatever venue, I got right back to the organizer the next business day to let them know we were interested in working with them again for the next year’s event.

The only time that fireworks are re-scheduled is because of weather. This is not the case this year. On Monday, July 8th, whomever is responsible for purchasing the services or sending out a letter for bids for fireworks, get it done. This should never happen again because the United States’ birthday is observed on one day and one day only — July 4th

Josephine Danielson



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