Biden has accepted concerns


Some women would welcome a display of Joe Biden’s affection. Some women would not. Because he did not sense the difference, Biden faces an accusation designed to undermine his presidential ambition. Five years ago, his accuser welcomed his public support. Today, one must question the motive behind her effort to embarrass him.

Biden has behaved toward men in the same manner that he has behaved toward women. Some men would welcome a display of Joe Biden’s affection. Some would not. No men have come forward to voice a complaint. If any offense was taken, they either saw fit to respond privately or not at all. If any offense was taken, it did not rise to the level of importance attributed to the matter by Biden’s belated accusers and the media that has given them notoriety.

Biden’s expression of caring and affection does not diminish the contribution he has made and can continue to make to the body politic.

Although the attention given to his conduct has grossly exaggerated its significance, Biden has accepted the validity of the concern for his behavior and he has promised to be more sensitive to that concern in the future. The same cannot be said of the current occupant of the White House.

Nino Green



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