What happens to the building?


It is sad to see the enrollment numbers dropping in Escanaba schools. I read the story in the paper. How many of you read the points that were made about the Junior High/ Upper Elementary (whatever you call it) School building. The renovations of that building will have “extensive, and some, expensive renovations.” Wasn’t there extensive and expensive renovations not that long ago? Along with a new roof and new heating system. I could be wrong now, but I don’t think so. What happens when we liquidate/ sell these buildings and then there is a baby boom? Does the school board ask for a millage increase to build a new building?

Who is going to buy an old school building? Staples, K Mart, JC Penney, Northern Motors, AT&T, the old Northern Michigan Bank, the old bank building across from Hereford and Hopps, and the old Post Office, the old jail, to name a few.

Tom Grant