United Way has strengthened its policies


As recently reported in the Daily Press, Carrie Flath pleaded guilty to embezzling money from the United Way of Delta County. The United Way contracted with Flath’s employer to assist with bookkeeping services, and one of her duties was to make deposits for the United Way. We are aware of one deposit that included several hundred dollars in checks but also $21 in cash, which Flath stole. The checks were eventually returned to the United Way and deposited, and the United Way was reimbursed for the missing $21 cash.

As a result of this incident, the United Way of Delta County has strengthened its policies for handling and tracking cash and checks as well as its procedures for making deposits, including instituting a two-person logging procedure, among other changes.

The United Way takes very seriously our responsibility to safeguard the money entrusted to us by our donors, and we are confident that our even stronger policies and procedures are a significant step to prevent the United Way from becoming a victim of this type of crime in the future.

Julie Mallard

Executive Director

Tom England

President, Board of Directors