Escanaba and marijuana


At the Feb. 7 Escanaba City Council meeting, I intend to offer an ordinance to temporarily opt-out of retail and commercial marihuana in the city of Escanaba. I favor allowing marihuana in Escanaba, because a majority of the Escanaba voters approved Proposition 1. Why opt-out at all? The Delta County Prosecutor pointed out to us at a joint county, city, and township meeting on Jan. 21 that the state regulators have not composed their marihuana regulations yet. If we opt-in now, we will not know what we are opting-into.

So, I would like a temporary opt-out, followed by an opt-in if the state regulations are tolerable.

Personally, I don’t like or use marihuana, but this is what a majority of our voter want.

Ralph B. Blasier