Concerning Stone’s arrest


The article concerning Roger Stone arrest left out many facts concerning this event. When a arrest is made first to issue such arrest a judge must sign the legal document order for the warrant base on some facts. At the time of the warrant one does always need have a criminal record on file. The arrest warrant does not call for the agency of the arrest to call that person and tell them the time they are coming or to dress a certain way.

This type of procedure prevents a person from escaping the law at the time being.

One must remember that Roger Stone has been ordered to appear before a grand jury for questions concerning, if he had any knowledge of any wrong doing that they were investigating. The warrant for the arrest may of been made on information he gave to the grand jury that did not coincide with the documents they had.

As to what any law officer in such a case is to first protect themselves from harm. They do not ask questions first and then take a protected mode. In all cases like this one can never assume the individual is in a state of a normal and sane mind.

Robert B. Carlson