Response to letter


Thank you Gary Niedermaier for your not “In This Country” Letter to the Editor….great literary take.

Not okay: “Polluted air and water; lack of spiritual guidance; hungry children; veterans in poor situations; money for cancer research.” Definite needs.

You wrote: “Mass killings in our grade schools.” Yes, definitely not okay. Also, how about less violence in Hollywood movies as Hollywood stars decry guns but welcome the killing of tens of millions of babies.

You mentioned “election fraud.” There has been some, yes. How come it is usually the Big City Democratic Party machine that has dead voters each election? You wrote, the “Executive Branch chaos in DC.” Did you mean the Democrat’s obstruction? “Lack of mental health services and people struggling to pay high medical bills”— amen to those. Not sure Obamacare is the answer. You said, “Denying women’s reproductive rights.” You forgot men’s and women’s commonsense ‘protection’ responsibilities and babies’ rights. You wrote about the “encroachment of Church in State.” You got that backwards. Recently some high level Democrats got upset with a Trump appointee because his past views were too biblical; I wonder which part of Jesus’ words were not PC enough — love, compassion, truth, forgiveness?

“Refugee children dying in camps.” Yes, so unacceptable. Let’s concentrate on an immigration process that lets the right folks in and the riff raff out. Too many police, border agents and innocent victims are dying on this side.

Not okay, not in this country—regulations that put males in female bathrooms. Also, not okay—new Socialist rep, Ocasio-Cortez, the liberal’s new media darling who has a hard time dealing with trillions of dollars attributed to Pentagon spending; she failed 5th grade math. Not okay — Antifa hooded hoodlums who love to destroy property and think that is right, and their right. Not okay — the liberal, omnipresent professors who love ‘free speech’ unless it contradicts their liberal mantra.

You closed your letter writing, “What is ‘our’ role in this?” Great question. Our role is to get informed and vote. Passivity and being on the sidelines works not. I sure appreciate Gary’s reaching out with some strong, vital ‘not okays’. So many are spot on.

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba