Build the wall


Barriers exist to prevent unwanted elements from infiltrating and degrading a preferred, existing condition. Some are natural; climate, mountain ranges, and large bodies of water have hindered invading hordes throughout history. Our body’s immune system is an example of a biological barrier to the insults from bacteria, viruses and foreign bodies.

When biological defenses weaken or fail we have developed supplements like vaccines and penicillin. Vaccines have created a barrier against such diseases as polio and antibiotics have saved us from serious infections. As attacks change, we develop new and effective barriers.

Hadrian’s wall, the great wall of China, the Maginot line and even castle moats are examples of man’s learning from nature to create barriers against invasion from outside forces. Your chain link fence, barbed wire enclosures and pad locks all serve similar purposes — not just keeping dogs, cattle or possessions in, but keeping potentially harmful people out.

The current opposition to creating a barrier on our southern border to prevent “invasive species” such at terrorists, drug runners and human traffickers, is an insult to a safe and healthy society. Some invading persons are said to be helpful or at worst benign, but they cannot be identified as such without appropriate screening. These benign/helpful types still overwhelm health, education and social systems and programs. The potential for corruption of our political system is also at stake. The promised contribution to our economy is not balanced by the costs of maintaining or preventing their presence in our country.

Building a physical barrier with controllable points of entry is required for the continued safety and stability of our nation. Simply “identifying” incursions with drones or sensors is not prevention.

Build the wall!

Michael A. Glass