Bridge mess continues


On Friday, Jan. 11, the bridge over the Escanaba River(Three Year Bridge) was closed down in the morning. I read the paper every day and never saw anything about it. I was told by a few people that they were cleaning the bridge. When it was re-opened, the ice build-up was still there and the markers were still covered with ice and snow. The barrel were still askew. That’s a good word, askew, and it is hardly ever used. Those barrels have lights on top of them. Has anyone ever seen the lights work?

Okay, so obviously cleaning wasn’t their goal. However, while the bridge was closed, for whatever reason, why didn’t they clean it up? The complaint I hear most is that there is not enough light. I agree. How about a couple of temporary lights? One at each entrance to the bridge.

Can someone please check and make sure that contracts are signed? Maybe re-write all of the contracts that require them to finish the job instead of taking half the summer off?

Just a couple of observations from a taxi owner/driver who has drivers going back and forth on that mess 24 hours a day.

Tom Grant