New Year resolutions


I resolve to–

1. Boycott the U.P. Marquette law firm that advertises how much they can get you in a divorce case–using the TV commercial featuring a couple arguing…so tacky.

2. Continue to watch pro football, cuz I love it despite the flag respect, but to openly criticize the professional players who pridefully jump up and down and carry on when making a one-yard gain tackle. Spare us. Imagine Bart Staar, Calvin Johnson or Jim Brown doing those charades.

3. Continue to oppose the use of marijuana by young folks who will see it and smell it all over Michigan. Ugh! We are in for more trouble. I want Marinette, Niagara, South Bend and Toledo tourists to come here for other reasons.

4. Continue to support conservative political agendas that limit PC Obama-rule regulations and Leftist efforts to undermine America, all despite our President’s far out rogue mouth and foolish actions. His policies many like–his demeanor needs much work.

5. Listen more closely to my liberal friends. (I try.)

6. Urge all of Delta County to be looking forward to Mission Hope next August.

7. Continue to support all of our many local charities, St. Vinnie’s always on the forefront.

8. Be grateful for our new jail — for everyone’s benefit.

9. Encourage voters to consider a millage passing for Esky schools.

10. Make all airlines supply mandatory pacifiers for the obvious.

11. Patronize local businesses.

12. Get a stoplight or three-way stop signs on 3rd Avenue North and 30th Street — soon.

13. Lose the nicknames Methanaba and Druganaba. (Pot will not help us here.)

14. Lower the price of pro ball tickets — good luck, hey!

15. Support Beau LaFave’s measures to get rid of our high car insurance rates.

16. Keep the Spirit of Christmas well into 2019!

17. Be off social media for meals and while in traffic- — limit our kids too.

18. Catch the biggest fish beneath Bay de Noc, bigger than Bob’s.

19. Believe the teachers.

20. Help the fatherless teens.

21. Actually, physically bring people to church.

22. Be thankful for what we Yoopers have.

23. Better appreciate all those volunteers and staff that work in care and nursing facilities.

24. Continue to support the Blue, Bay College and the Y–we are fortunate.

25. Continue for Ford River to petition to get incorporated; first order of business–rehabilitate the downtown, stock the River, 1% taxes and Harold O for mayor.

Most important resolution, for all of us over 55 — to make it through 2019 healthy.

Mike Olson

Ford River/ Escanaba