More to the story?


Dear State Sen. Tom Casperson:

I am writing regarding the article you had in the Dec. 14 issue of The Daily Press entitled “Put ‘tree police in proper perspective.” You state that less than 10 percent of Michigan’s local governments have an ordinance that allows them to regulate trees on private property. Obviously the remaining 90 percent plus do not have that same issue. Why would you expend energy on an issue that applies to less than 10 percent and make all of Michigan over-regulated on an issue that should be addressed at the local level? If this is really an issue that less than 10 percent of Michigan is affected, why don’t the affected local units vote the yahoos out of office and change the ordinances? Call me paranoid, but having worked in government for over 30 years, there is something else going on here. Time will tell.

A taxpayer,

Kaye Rowlands