Line 5 letter was incorrect


In a letter to the editor Nov. 24, the writer made numerous incorrect assertions regarding the operation of Line 5.

Foremost, Line 5 was constructed in 1953 as an option for transporting oil by pipeline, rather than ship. To this day, transporting oil via pipeline has a safety success record of 99.9 percent and remains the preferred option from a safety, as well as environmental perspective.

Additionally, Michigan, particularly eastern Michigan, receives many of the natural gas liquids (NGLs) returned from Sarnia via pipeline each day. Equally important, more than 60 percent of the propane used in the UP comes from Line 5.

Through Line 5, this region plays a pivotal role in manufacturing more than 6,000 everyday products. From toothpaste to shampoo to mobile phones, cars, clothing and medicines, most of us rely on the products Line 5 helps make possible.

We are committed to transporting crude oil and NGLs safely while preserving and protecting the environment. Our agreements with the state identified viable options to enhance our efforts to achieve this goal.

The most feasible option is construction of a tunnel to house a new Line 5. A tunnel under the lakebed would reduce the likelihood of a release into the Straits. We view the tunnel option as the next logical step to making a safe pipeline even safer.

We look forward to now building for the future, to enable the region to continue to receive safe, reliable energy while increasing environmental protection.

Blake Olson

Operations Manager