Support Escanaba sinking fund


Dear Escanaba voter:

Please vote on or before Nov. 6. Voting on the Escanaba Area Public Schools’ security, repairs, and technology “sinking fund” request is on the backside of the ballot.

The Escanaba Board of Education is requesting taxpayer support of 1.8 mils for a four year period of time. The request will raise taxes on a property of average value in our school district $79 per year for four years. Serious money for many people in our school district!

Serious needs for our students, teachers, and staff! We need to improve security at all of our buildings and on all our buses. We need to fix roofs and replace furnaces. We need to keep every student current with technology for 2019 and beyond. Our plan regarding technology keeps a level playing field for all of our students in all our school buildings. The plan for technology prepares and provides student opportunities in their education and future career choices.

Information regarding our “sinking fund” request plan regarding what we are asking to improve and repair, when we plan to make the improvements, and how much we estimate the cost for each project, is located on our website at and is available at administrative offices in each of our buildings.

We are working tenaciously to maintain and improve our facilities. We need your support regarding this serious request for security, technology and facilities needs.

Dan Flynn

Escanaba Board of