Help YAP help others


As fall provides natural beauty for us to enjoy each year, it is also a reminder of the beauty of giving that comes with the holiday season. I have been fortunate to share the kindness of others all year long but, for many, the holiday season is when it is needed most. At this time of Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful to live in such a kind and compassionate community. So, I want to say “Thanks-for-giving” to those who have opened their hearts to others through the gifts of time, goods, services, or money – these gifts are all crucial to the charitable organizations who work to fill the gaps for those in need over the holidays and throughout the year. The Youth Assistance Program (YAP) of Delta County has been one of the recipients of such gifts for 30 years. Countless children and their families have been touched by our community’s generosity with hope that they can “pay it forward” when they are able.

The needs of children are not always obvious; most of the time it takes someone who makes an effort to connect with a child – like a teacher, bus driver, custodian, secretary, or cafeteria worker. Other times, it is not difficult to spot a backpack held together with duct tape, shoes with soles that are separating from the shoe, clothes that are worn, too big or too small. Finding solutions to these material needs is often vital, but the gesture that communicates “YOU are important” or “We care about YOU” is what makes the greatest impact. In fact, sometimes the need for new shoes is about much more than covering a child’s cold or wet feet – it has also opened doors for teenagers who need a special pair to stay in school and learn a trade that can lead to employment.

It is truly a privilege to lead an all-volunteer organization that honors childhood through the giving of others with 99.95 percent of all funds raised going directly to the needs of children. Please consider using the envelope included with the paper today to support YAP or make a donation to another non-profit organization in our community – together we can all share our gifts to make Thanksgiving more than just a holiday.

Lacy Lauzon

YAP President