Fairbanks supervisor response


Autumn Moores and Dan Dalgords attempt to clarify the recall election in Fairbanks Township failed miserably. I’m wondering if the petitioners even knew what they were signing and why.

Garden Townships newly enacted Pole Ordinance, drafted by one of the premier municipal law firms in the state, only requires a utility to compensate the township for actual costs and leaves the matter of the fee up to the discretion of the board. That is exactly how our board handled the R.O.W. request.

Whether Jim and I had a conflict of interest or just the appearance of one, is a moot point. We recognized that we shouldn’t have voted on the issue and subsequently, we rescinded our vote and recused ourselves from all further discussion and action on the matter The fact that we took action to correct a possible conflict while Dan, despite his training, still insists that Kathryn has a conflict when she obviously doesn’t raises the question of who actually does understand conflict of interest best and what to do about it?

As for my instructions the board. I was only relaying what the staff lawyer at the Michigan Township Association had advised me on. So no conflicts or double standards there.

The irreparable harm we could cause sounds very ominous but is only more smoke and mirrors. I challenge Autumn to name something we have actually done or could do.

I played no role in the 625-foot setback adopted by the planning commission. I would have liked 1,000 feet, a distance Don has agreed was acceptable, but I am only vote. It should be noted that Heritage voluntarily moved all turbine sites back to 1,000 feet from non-participating property lines.

Finally, I made no insinuations or “uncalled for” attacks. I feel I was clear on my opinions and while keeping things professional is good policy, sometimes you have to call a spade a spade

Ron Collins

Fairbanks supervisor