Facts do not seem to be the issue


Folks continue to ask me if I have been recalled from office as clerk of Fairbanks Township. No I continue to hold that office as Ron Collins, James Dalgord and Morgan Tatrow continue to hold their offices unless and until I am voted out of office in the November election.

Efforts to recall each of us began early last year with claims of conflict of interest in regard to voting to allow Heritage Sustainable Energy to place power lines in the county road right of way. A conflict of interest means a financial interest. I had no financial interest in anything Heritage does when the vote was taken, not then nor at any time since then. My property is not leased to Heritage, and in fact, it’s in the area Heritage has agreed not to develop in the future.

Nevertheless, an advertisement was recently run promoting Jim Peasley, who is running against me in November, with the motto ” I will do what’s best for the community, not what’s best for my pocketbook.” If Mr Peasley means that I have received some financial benefit, I challenge him to be more specific about what that is. Any accusation that my pocketbook has benefitted is false, and he knows it. The ad was paid for by someone hiding behind the assumed name “Citizens for Local Control”.

When the original recall petition language claiming conflict of interest failed, a new petition was filed demanding my recall for having made a motion to allow Heritage to place power lines in the county road right of way without requiring Heritage to pay compensation to the township. That motion failed, but the same motion, made by someone else, passed later. No compensation was requested when the motion passed, and that’s as it should be. Township government is not intended to generate a profit, and cannot charge fees, except in the amount necessary to reimburse actual costs incurred by the township. The township incurred no expense for the permission and the township won’t incur any expense for use of the right of way, so there is no cost to pass on to Heritage. Saying otherwise is misleading.

The other two board members who voted to allow Heritage to place power lines in the county road right of way are not on the ballot for recall, even though they are the ones who moved and seconded the motion that passed. Evidently, that vote is not the real issue. Facts do not seem to be the issue, but innuendo is

Thank you for your support in the past and this November

Kathryn Denholm