Events brighten the community


In our world the way it is today, we look for goodness and happiness to give us hope. There have been two events in our community that have done just that.

The other night the Esky Pops gave a concert and it was awesome. They brought happiness, joy and smiles with their songs and you could tell they have such fun singing. Their band is awesome too. Thank you Esky Pops for ending our day with such joy.

The other event was Escanaba High Schools production of Annie. What an awesome performance by the students and orchestra! We have been blessed in our community with great talent and people who foster and encourage that talent for our enjoyment. Students, you can be very proud of yourselves.

The holiday season is upon us, and there will be many more opportunities for us to enjoy different events. I hope there will be good attendance because it is a wonderful way to make your heart happy

Janet Lindstrom.