Fairbanks Township race


Like Judge Goebel said in his remarks after the hearing on the recall petition. there is much more to the recall than what is stated and he felt it would work itself out at the ballot box. Mr. Collins had a fair and lawful hearing, where he used the same argument and lost. The proper way to handle this would have been through the appeals process.

No one asked for any laws to be broken. The compensation asked for was for the use of the right of way, not cost associated with the request for consent.

It is my opinion that Mr. Collins has a conflict of interest and should not have been voting on anything related to the wind turbines.

The portion of the conflict of interest definition that I base this on states “If you or a close relative (mother, father, sibling) stand to benefit monetarily from something you are voting on, you should abstain.

Mr. Collins still claims to this day that he only has the appearance of a conflict of interest. Well I think appearances matter. As for Joe and Linda, I don’t feel either of them have a conflict of interest, and only did what Mr. Collins advised them.

He basically said that if they didn’t approve the request from heritage, they were opening the township up for a lawsuit. So no sin there, no double standard.

I don’t belong to any groups, including the Citizens for Local Control. As far as honesty and integrity go , I don’t say anything in private that I won’t say in public. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. I also have had training on what a conflict of interest is and what to do if you have one.

Mr. Collins was one of a four person group that included the Garden Township supervisor and two planning commissioners that advised the full planning commission on the setbacks. The 625-foot setback from property lines is what has divided our community. It takes some rights away. I believe Mr. Collins played a large roll in this.

As I have gone out and visited with my neighbors, I have found out that many feel as I do that a change is needed. Sooner rather than later.

My goal as supervisor, if elected, is to unite the community. If elected I will listen to and provide all sides of the issues facing the community to the board for their consideration. I believe that when one chooses to serve the public they should serve all the people, not just those they agree with. Hopefully this clears up some of Mr. Collin’s no so factual disparaging statements.

Dan Dalgord

Candidate for Fairbanks Township supervisor