Delta County Forest article


In response to the article “Not Everyone Happy with the County Forest” on Aug., 27, 2018. Quote under photo. “There was never anything between me and him (Randy King) absolutely nothing” Rory Mattson DCDED

So not true.

Apparently the DCD Executive Director Rory Mattson forgot that he had many phone conversations, several of many I personally overheard in which Rory and Randy would discuss how when the county purchased the 1,400 acres — including the 160 that Randy wanted to purchase — that Rory would make arrangements for Randy to purchase it from the county. Rory would always say, just hang in there Randy, it will happen soon.

And he must have also forgotten that after the purchase of the land which took place on Aug. 28, 2017 was published in the Daily Press, Randy called him to find out how the purchase of the 160 acres that he wanted would take place. Rory said he needed to stop by to talk to him about it.

So Rory stopped by camp in Cornell on a Saturday in early September. Randy was very excited to get the property. He had waited a long time. Rory came in to the garage and said that he could not sell the 160 acres. He said once the deal was done the 1,400 acres could not be split up and it wouldn’t work out the he had planned and promised. I was right there! heard the whole conversation.

Why would he come and tell us that if “there was absolutely nothing” between the two of them.

He’s not telling the truth.

Rory also told Randy that day in the garage that his gate needed to be moved. Now where the gate is supposed to be there is a deep ditch/berm/tree blockade. And in addition there is another berm/tree blockade where the gate used to be. Both created by Rory.

We don’t feel very welcome on the Delta County Forest property.

What a shame!

Lori Cossette