Who is responsible for delayed bridge work?


I remember, a long, long time ago, I heard the story that a bridge had become unsafe as determined by the people who determine these things. Several plans were talked about and then, with very little thought given to the people who had to use this new bridge, the state hires a contractor to replace the bridge. I think the contractor’s favorite singer was Johnny Cash because they are doing it one piece at a time. Its been about two years now. Just about everyone has seen quite a few errors in planning with this project. It seems like little thought was given to the disruption of traffic on the only highway to travel over that river.

Fast-forward, wait, nothing has been done fast here! The plan was to close the bridge on the 5th of July. We all just sighed aloud and figured that maybe we were getting close to finishing. A month later and nobody is working on the bridge. A labor dispute? How? Contracts were signed, money changed hands, so why is no work going on? The contractor is responsible to get it done. If he can’t find workers, then he needs to figure it out. Pay the money, hire different workers, whatever it takes! I would think that this isn’t the only project that this contractor has. The bridge was going to be done this fall. a month behind schedule and counting. It doesn’t look like this fall.

I can see a scenario where the workers come back to work in a couple of weeks. The next section of bridge will take a closure and a detour. Because they are now behind, they will work the weekend before the fair and close the bridge and set up the detour. Right as everyone is coming from downstate; Skerbeck with all their trucks, and the concession stands, and the animals, all going through the detour.

Escanaba/Gladstone have been totally inconvenienced for two years. It looks real promising that it will go another winter.

Is anyone in charge? Who is going to be held accountable?

Tom Grant