Response to city clerk letter


Council member Schumann’s letter to the editor needs more detail. Aug. 2 edition, Daily Press. For example: She stated that I only served two years and four months of a four-year term which is incorrect. The term was extended beyond four years due to the change in voting dates that took place during my term. I resigned for a career opportunity. I haul loads to Disney World distribution centers, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Due to the fact that I was in Florida most of the time, It was hard getting home to attend council meetings. I thought this through, weighing and balancing what to do. I had a meeting with former city manager Doug Terry. He offered several options. In the end, out of respect for the seat, I decided to step down. For me it’s community first, me second. All in all, it was a great experience.

In her letter she also states that there was nothing underhanded. With council member Schumann, believing this, is troubling at best. Mayor Tall not getting consent of council to move forward with the internal job posting is not only underhanded, it corrupted the system. This was done with knowledge. Mayor Tall had an opportunity to make it right. When a council member asked to add an item to the external job posting, Mayor Tall, at that point, could have placed this on the agenda at the next council meeting, but didn’t. Council member Schumann stated that I’m attempting to keep this issue alive. Not true cause what she doesn’t realizing is her rebuttals are not time limited. We the people have three minutes under general public comment. I offered to finish my presentation at the last meeting stating that I was almost done when time ran out. I was asked to take a seat, I complied. Not much can be accomplished in three minutes on critical issues.

Schumann also states that I gave her the impression that I’m more qualified to serve on council. She measures this by years of service. I measure it by substance. I brought this underhanded/corrupted issue to the community. She offers that there was nothing underhanded going on. Council member Schumann states that she stands by the hiring process that unfolded. The word process is alarming. The process failed… Council member Schumann only sees part of the process, not the full corrupted version.

Lets look at the side effects. One employee lost a chance to advance. Staff members were put in bad positions. Department heads were completing tasks that had no council approval to do so. They were acting on the mayor’s order.

This is no fault to the department heads.

James Berthaume