Change readers poll categories


I see that the Daily Press Reader’s Poll is out again. Nominations are open. Of course, it is really just for subscribers. A few years back, I guess one restaurant won on eight different categories. One of the categories was something they didn’t even sell. That was also the year that a used book store that was closed earlier in the year was nominated. But who’s paying attention. One way to control that was to limit the voting to subscriber’s. Nominations are open, voting is closed.

On a personal note, there has been a category for bus/taxi. My company won that category one time. Imagine that, a privately owned company with four vehicles got more votes for being the best over a bus system that has eight, nine, maybe a dozen busses in operation and receives upwards of a million dollars in subsidies each year. Last year, I believe it was over $2 million because they needed new busses and a van to compete with the taxi services.

I have nothing against having a bus service in town. Four of my former drivers are currently driving for them. Delta County needs a bus service. It should be just a bus service. They have a van service that competes with the privately – owned taxi services. The taxi services don’t receive any government subsidies. In fact, we pay a lot of money in taxes. Actually, we pay the regular gas taxes that you pay. I don’t believe the busses pay as much. They used to fill up at the municipal garage. That would save us a ton.

So, back to the reason for this letter. Next year, The Daily Press should have a separate category for bus, and a different one for taxi. The bus is going to win every year anyway, so give the taxis a chance to “compete”.

I doubt that this letter will be printed, although I have not mentioned any company names and have not bad-mouthed any company. I basically have told the facts. I challenge Escanaba Daily Press to print this and if I have stated anything in error, we would find out.

Tom Grant