Today vs. yesterday and tomorrow


Today, America is in trouble, here and abroad, some prosperity but emotional unrest, political divide and unequalled controversy, versus — post WWII prosperity, considerable peace, progress and much less governmental disruption, overreach, distrust and instability, not perfect, but better.

Rancor, hatred, disparity and political upheaval vs. more statesmanship, civility and compromise.

Kids with electronic wizardry and gadgets, obesity, higher suicide rates and boredom vs. outside play, sandboxes, bikes and more fun.

Security measures to the max vs. unlocked homes, bikes and cars. I recall me, a brother and two friends hijacking a dad’s ’53 Chevy one hot summer Esky night.

Government programs run amok not getting people out of poverty vs. churches and charitable groups providing better assistance.

Great distrust and even negative feelings about Christians vs. reverence and respect. Remember closing down the town 12-3 on Good Fridays.

4,000 lawsuits filed daily in US vs. agreements often made with a handshake.

“I’ll get that teacher fired and sued” vs. “I’m in deeper trouble when I get home and that paddle was nothing compared to what is in store for me now.”

“That cop is always out to screw me over — keeps watching me” vs. the man in blue found our lost dog and has our utmost respect.

My 8-year old must have a cell phone vs. I think we had a party line until sixth grade and my brother still has no cell phone.

More than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce vs. I was aware of maybe two divorced families.

Meth, uppers, coke, LSD, pushers (even some doctors), vs. aspirin, cod liver oil, ginger ale and heavy-duty No-Doz.

We have a four-car garage, four snowmobiles, and two boats vs. I finally got a bike at 13 and it lasted five years.

“Just get home by tomorrow or did you get home last night” vs. be in by 12 and dad will be at the door. 40 percent of American children live in a home without a father.

30 men’s prisons in Michigan vs. much smaller state jail and prison populations.

“I can do whatever I want freedom” vs. I have freedoms but not at the expense of others’ rights and liberties.

Porn industry in US in the mega billions vs. a Playboy magazine.

I can choose from 55 different sexual identities vs. male and female.

Tea Party, Democrat Socialists, Greens, etc. vs. a somewhat viable two-party system.

No Christmas in schools or public square vs. Christmas carols and plays done without hesitation or issue.

Troubles in school with drugs and violence vs. trouble for chewing gum or being in halls without permission.

Today: Rough, tough, hard, iffy, fearful, angry.

Yesterday: Easygoing, peaceful, neighborly, respectful, not perfect but better, yes?

Tomorrow: Our choice. Your choice. My choice. Can we go back — in attitude and values?

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba