This is a nation of laws


This is in response to the July 3rd letter entitled “Bad policies can take decades to heal.” I find this letter to be packed with half-truths, omissions and obviously left-leaning propaganda.

It’s no secret that children have been separated from their criminal parents. If I may remind the authors of the letter, it’s been happening for many years. In fact it was your boy, Bill Clinton, that actually passed the law that separates children from the illegal aliens. That’s right, I said illegal aliens. You see, this is a nation of laws. Not opinions. Not suggestions. Not “let’s make them feel good” ideas. But a nation of laws. Apparently, it was okay for Clinton to separate and lock up children when the families crossed the border illegally. It was okay to do it when Obama separated kids from their illegal parents who dragged them across the border. But now, you happen to hate President Trump so you’re going to revile him for actually enforcing the law that your guy passed.

Hundreds of thousands of children are separated from military families as they are deployed or even just on active duty. Nobody is crying for them. Hundreds of thousands of children are being separated from their incarcerated parents and entered into the sub-par foster care system we have in these United States, and again, nobody is crying for them. As I stated earlier this is a nation of laws. The entire world knows it. Parents dragging their children illegally across a border know that they are breaking the law. The very second they set foot on this side of the border they are criminals. You know it. I know it. They know it. The entire world knows it. Families will be broken up as our judicial system processes the parents who willfully broke the law to enter this country. I suggest to you that these parents be the focus of your wrath and not the president, who is bound by his oath of office to uphold the laws and protect our Constitution.

Just an idea here; Maybe you people should make the country better for its legal citizens. Maybe volunteer at a homeless shelter? Or, a soup kitchen? How about putting some effort into taking care of our wounded/disabled military veterans, who are the people responsible for keeping you free and safe by protecting our nation from those who would love to destroy her. Yes, I can see many places where you can actually be of assistance, instead of wasting your time bashing the President for doing his job, which is to enforce the law and protect our Constitution.

Gregory A. Tolman Sr.