Support the Community Action Agency millage


As a member of the Delta County Board of Commissioner for 12 years I was able to observe the work done and services provided by The Community Action Agency (CAA). Seldom do we get the opportunity to do something that helps many of our friends, neighbors, and relatives right here in Delta County. The Community Action Agency Senior Services is giving us that opportunity. Let me tell you of a few of the great things this agency does for our senior citizens.

First, we all need to know that The Community Action Agency (CAA) provides more that 77,000 meals per year to senior citizen in Delta County. Although the cost of providing a meal is $7 each, those receiving the meals are asked to donate only $3 per meal. Think about that! Thousands of meals delivered each year by nine part-time meal runners. I can’t help being impressed with this wonderful service. A secondary benefit of the delivery of these meals is the visit by the meal runners. If a senior needs help and can’t get to a phone or becomes incapacitated, the meal runner will be there each weekday to help this person in need. Think about that! Thousands of doors are knocked on each year checking on our seniors and giving help when needed.

Another service provided is the Adult Day Services for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia. Over 8,000 hours of respite care are provided each year to families in need. This service helps keep seniors out of nursing home or some other long-term care facility. Another wonderful service provided by CCA.

And finally, one other service I want to mention is the “In-Home-Services”. CAA provides over 30,000 hours of this service to over 250 clients by 40 part-time in-home aides. These aides help seniors with their daily needs and again help them to remain at home and out of a nursing home.

Every 10 years we are asked to support CCA with a millage to provide the above services to our senior citizens. It is time to again vote for and support this millage. On Tuesday, Aug. 7, we will have an opportunity to vote for .8 of a mill. If your home is worth $100,000 it is taxed at its State Equalized Valuation of $50,000. The .8 of a mill will cost these homeowners $40 a year of 77 cents a week. Each of us should be anxious to vote for and support this millage. Each of us should be proud to be part of providing the above services. Each of us should feel good to know we are doing so much good for so many. Please vote yes on the CAA millage on Aug. 7, and thank you for doing so much for so many.

Bob Bink