Stop the flow of illegal immigration


When asylum-seekers present themselves at a “legitimate” border crossing, they are handled one way. Then those who sneak across the border; boat, jet ski, swim or walk, then the enforcement agencies handle them differently. The pictures that were distributed and attributed to President Trump were actually from Barack Obama’s reign. In the legal “weeds” it is not permissible for children to be kept locked up (you know, like those in cages during Obama Administration) longer than 30 days.

So, Teresa Ross, what would be your solution to the immigrant and asylum-seekers? Obama loaded the teens you referenced onto busses and sent them willy-nilly all over the country. Some of the busses showed up at some Southern California cities and were turned away. Some went to Seattle, San Francisco,and Los Angeles. Is there anyone surprised that the homeless situation has exploded? Some went to Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Does that make sense? Take people from a hot, dry climate and drop them off in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin?

So what is the answer? Their countries are unlivable so they come here. If our country became unlivable, what would we do? I think “we” would take care of the problem. Should “we” send troops in to restore order? Maybe stop sending money to Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico? Maybe stop all crossings? No more business. No more migrant workers sending money back home. No Mexico presidential hopefuls campaigning in Los Angeles. No more Ford plants, Harley Davidson plants, etc. Nobody crosses the border -either way. Put our troops on the border and let it be known that we are not kidding around? I believe our fighting men could handle that. MS-13 deals with machetes and chainsaws. I believe our military firepower is superior.

At some point, we need to either stop the flow of asylum-seekers and illegals crossing. Put your hatred toward President Trump aside, and solve the problem, or just let everyone in.

Tom Grant