Return to what once was great about us


The Press’ whole editorial page on July 3rd was loaded. The cartoon and bottom article dealt with the selection of a new Supreme Court Justice. To the Left’s sadness, a conservative Judge who does not believe in legislating from the Bench will ideally be sworn in. Retiring Judge Kennedy, a conservative moderate, retired now so a conservative would be appointed in his place assuring that Obama’s desire to “transform” America even more would be reversed. Smart man.

Also, there was a letter from seven local people stressing the desire to take immediate action to care for ripped apart families on the southern border … amen. Keeping families together is vital. I hope those seven support not ripping apart pre-born children from their families also. And, let’s pester Congress to pass immigration reform that requires a legal process to vet newcomers keeping out those south of us and from the Muslim Middle East who wish to bring drugs and crime and religious values that limit freedoms and do not want our values. We have to screen more carefully. Our country was created on Christian values, not those of the Muslim faith (I know there are some peaceful Muslims, but read the Koran.). Our country and its Constitution are unparalleled in human history and we became a beacon to the rest of the world because we offered freedom, not license to provide every 1 percent minority group their off-balance harmful agendas.

The Obama years offered tax money to our armed forces members to get free sex change operations, transgender dorms in Texas for illegal immigrants and public schools taught in nine or more different languages. Is that progressive? Let’s not support the Politically Correct Police. Our founding fathers would turn over in their graves 180 degrees observing Obama’s eight years. If the Democrats could convince us that a man could become a woman and vice versa, they could convince us of anything. Be careful of what Shri offers and the same for that Democrat Muslim doctor also seeking the Michigan governorship. Be wary. Socialism works, not! My Swedish grandparents came here and English was wanted and required. They wanted to be Americans, not a foreign Sweden, and they did not want welfare.

That editorial page also had a piece by leftwing Robert Reich who wrote about how President Trump was the anti-Patriot and how America was “great” before and without his leadership. Well, clearly we in flyover country got it and Reich and Hollywood and the Left Coast did not get it in 2016, at all.

Let’s not “transform” America. Let’s return to what once was great about us, the time of our “Greatest Generations,” a time when we were respected and emulated and when others flocked here for freedom, not license or opportunity to establish a mini-foreign enclave. We were once great.

Mike “Chief” Olson