President Trump is not the bad guy


This is in response to Tuesday July 3 letter. President Trump is not the bad guy here. For some reason people no longer understand the word or meaning of illegal. If you do something illegal, you are breaking the law. If you do something against the law it’s there for illegal.

When you do something illegally there are consequences for your actions. When a person chooses to do something illegally they do not become a victim. They become a law breaker because they choose to do something illegal — against the law.

We live in an age where no one likes the word no and for whatever reason cannot accept the word no. They have one excuse after another for their actions, which is usually someone else’s fault, but surely not theirs. We live in a time where everyone does what is right in their own eyes. There is right and wrong.

On hundred years ago people came to our country with their children in hand and they weren’t separated because they came here legally. We have laws for a reason. You break the laws and you suffer the consequences. The end.

Dan and Gay Kleikamp

Bark River