Poisonous parsnip is dangerous


What is going on here with poisonous parsnip? The long green stems with small yellow flowers growing along our roads, U.S. 41 and M-35. I travel on U.S. 41 almost daily. I go through three counties Marquette, Alger and Delta counties.

There is poisonous parsnip growing along the ditches in all three counties. It causes severe sores on human skin with burning, itching and pain very similar to shingles.

On domesticated animals it will cause big clumps of fur to come up with skin irritations. The oil from the plant if gets on the skin and with direct sun light will give this type of reaction. Check out videos on the computer it will show and describe what can happen to humans and domesticated animals. What does it do to our wildlife? Is this going to continue to be ignored? Poisonous parsnip is spreading rapidly, certain areas you can see it growing into our forest. If you took County Road 432 from U.S. 41 to M-35 (East Maple Ridge) 11 mile stretch to Rock, Mich., you will see poisonous parsnip growing on both sides the road and into the fields and forest. It also goes from Rock to Perkins along both sides M-35 road.

Concerned citizen in Delta County who works in Marquette County.

Randy Saatio

Rapid River