Comments about city clerk hiring


I’d like to add a few comments to Judi LaCosse’s letter regarding the Escanaba City Council hiring an under-qualified applicant for city clerk rather than the highly qualified deputy clerk.

I am just a bystander from Ford River Township, but when I read the newspaper coverage in the month of May, I was shocked.

Ms. Weissert, the deputy clerk with her certified credentials and 11 years experience as deputy clerk was the sound and logical choice.

Just as shocking were the reasons given: Needing “new blood” and “more potential.” Sounds like a bunch of vampires running the show.

The clerk job at any level of government requires integrity, attention to detail and dedication to protocol. Escanaba deserves the best qualified person as city clerk now, not “potential” three years from now.

What an insult to the intelligence of all concerned residents, voters, taxpayers, city employees and bystanders like myself.

But this is what many politicians count on: That no one will notice, or care enough to speak out, or do anything about obvious abuse of power and influence.

“If you see something, say something!” now is the time.

Irene Fisher

Ford River Township