New jail worth every penny


I wish to respond to Carl Arko’s letter that appeared in the Press.

As one of those public officials on hand for the groundbreaking of our new jail, I can say with a clear mind that I’m proud of our community. As a county commissioner and a public servant I am proud of the people of Delta County that understood that there is a price to pay to live in a safe community.

FYI to Carl Arko — this not a prison. It is a county jail that will keep felons off of the streets and allow our corrections officers a far safer place to work. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need jails, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Thank God for the men and women who understood that we had no choice in this matter. Building a library would be lovely, but it would do little to combat the meth problem in this area now would it?

As for the price tag, don’t take my word for it, look into the issue yourself. This jail is worth every cent.

David Moyle