Fan of cart idea


In the near future, another grocery store will be opening its doors here. For those who have never shopped at an Aldi’s Market, say down in Green Bay, you are going to be in for a surprise when it comes to their grocery cars. They have come up with a system that never leaves carts in the far corners of the parking lot, wind driven into park cars, or taken home by inconsiderate shoppers.

You have to pay for your cart. Carts are chain locked together and you have to insert a quarter to release the lock and free up your cart.

Then, when you are finished with the cart, you simply push it back into the line of carts, insert the lock on the next cart, and get your quarter back.

When I see how so many people abuse the service of free shopping carts at every other store that supplies them, I can only applaud this system. If the general public realized how much those carts cost a business, they just might be more respectful.

Maybe that is why Aldi’s has lower prices than most other stores, they aren’t having to pay thousands of dollars to replace/repair carts, used and abused by so many.

If you use a cart to get that case of water or soda, or two weeks worth of groceries or that special cake, safely our to your car, say “thank you” to investment in your convenience!

And those of you who think you have the right to take the cart home at $300 to $500 each; you could be charged with theft. That is a high price to pay for not getting a wagon or cart for your personal use.

OK … off the “soap box” … for now.

Maria Maniaci